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Kadriorg 300

Kadriorg Park is one of the most beautiful historic parks in northern Europe and very beloved area in Tallinn’s urban space. 300 years ago, in 1718, the Russian tsar Peter I ordered the construction of a new European-style summer palace near Tallinn. 100 years ago, in a young, independent Republic of Estonia (1918-1940) and similarly to the developed world, the value of park and home culture was considered to be nationally important. In a way, it was the expression of national identity and self-awareness. It was indeed during the 1920s and 1930s when the park became a popular place for promenades and spending time for the city people. Today Kadriorg is one of the most visited areas among the inhabitants of Tallinn, Estonians as well as foreign tourists.

As part of the celebration of Kadriorg anniversary, a Kadriorg pocket guide has been issued in cooperation with Kadriorg Park, Art Museum of Estonia and Tallinn Literary Centre, which introduces the history, architecture, cultural heritage, as well as the cultural and natural attractions of the park and the palace. The publication is available in all the museums and Kadriorg Park information point in Estonian, English and from December, also in Finnish and Russian.

During the year, thematic lectures, excursions, meetings with writers and artists, family days, workshops and outdoor games for children will take place in the museums located in Kadriorg Park. The most eventful time will be during the summer months of 2018, when the Palace Music Concert Series will take place. In July, during the blooming of roses, the exhibition “100 Roses” is expected. For the 300th anniversary of Kadriorg, a baroque rose sort was recreated, inspired by the rose on the board of the main hall of Kadriorg Palace. The blooming roses can be admired in the flower bed by Luigetiik and in the vases in front of the palace. The highlight of the anniversary is the grand celebration of Kadriorg’s birthday on 22 July 2018. The program features traditional Flower Garden games, kids show, and Händel’s Fireworks music in the performance of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. Kadriorg Art Museum opens the exhibition “Kadriorg 300”. The exhibition will introduce the palace and park ensemble’s creators and owners, guests and servants, admirers and destroyers, the objects that belonged to them and surrounded them, mainly in the form of clothing and household goods. The exhibits of the exhibition come from Estonian collections as well as St. Petersburg museums and Aleksandr Vassiliev’s private collection.

On 19 September 2018, the 300th anniversary conference of Kadriorg palace and park ensemble will take place at the Kumu Auditorium, where both the themes of Kadriorg park as well as baroque style will be discussed in a temporary key. The same evening, Jaak Lõhmus’ documentary “Kadriorg 300” will be premiered as part of Kumu documentary series. The festivities will end on 19 and 20 September 2018 with the festival “Light walks in Kadriorg”.

The Kadrioru palace and park ensemble will celebrate its 300th anniversary with events taking place from September 2017 until the end of 2018. Come and take part in various anniversary events that take place both in the park and in museums, cafes, restaurants and streets of Kadriorg.


Organisers of the anniversary year:
Asutus Kadrioru Park and SA Eesti Kunstimuuseum – Kadrioru kunstimuuseum.


Cooperation partners:

SA Eesti Kunstimuuseum – Kumu kunstimuuseum

Branches of Tallinn City Museum: Peter the Great House Museum and Kadriorg Children’s Museum Miiamilla

Tallinn Literary Centre Eduard Vilde Museum and Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum


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